With today’s technology there has never been a better time to start creating your own video products. As a matter of fact if you have a computer and a camera phone, you can shoot a video product on the fly, package it up and sell it or give it away to attract targeted prospects for your business Learn more. There is no need for expensive video cameras, equipment and software anymore!

The quickest way to shoot video content and create a new product is with a digital camcorder, webcam or a video capable cell phone. After you have captured your video footage that all you have to do is a little editing, package it up and you have a product all ready for market. Of course there is a little more to the process, depending on what type of product you are going to create, but it really doesn’t have to be a time consuming task like it was just a few short years ago.

When it comes to editing your video footage, most computers come with some type of preinstalled software that you can use. For example; most PC’s come with Windows Movie Maker. If your machine doesn’t have video editing software don’t worry because there are many available to choose from like; Adobe Premiere Pro, Corel Video Studio Pro and for Mac users; iMovie and Final Cut Pro. All you have to do is hit your favorite search engine and you will no problem finding something to suit your needs.

Once you have your brand new video product edited, packaged and ready to go, it will be time to start promoting it. Did you know that popular videos on the YouTube can literally bring thousands of new visitors to your website in a matter of days? With the majority of video content on the Internet being shared and downloaded freely it is important to consider the benefits of creating short promotional videos in addition to video products that you are going to sell.

These short and sharable videos should be created to quickly introduce people to what your business has to offer and scripted in a way that makes viewers want to tell all of their friends about what they have discovered.

After you have created your promo video’s you can post them on YouTube and other video sharing sites to start a buzz about your new video product. Be sure to include a link to your sales page in the description of your free video, at the beginning of the text if possible. Not only will this bring targeted prospects to your door, it will help you build awareness about your new product.